Module 9, Assignment: CRM Tools .

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please search articles in the library or on the web to find a current article, within the last 6 months, on Customer Relationship Management and technology: ie) CRM Software, Social Media, Use of Cell Phone Apps.
Format your presentation to me in a one page Memo form:
Use the following format found at this URL: (Links to an external site.)
Address the following and use the questions as headers for your memo:
• Overview of this article. What key concepts from the previous readings relate to this article? Use at least two related concepts from the book in your overview and highlight them.
• What are the benefits to business provided by this technology?
• What are the benefits to the customer provided by this technology?
• Is it a worthwhile investment (financially and good use of time) for the consumer and business?
• Conclusion – what is your analysis of this technology?

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