Music of Modern Israel

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1. Can the social changes alluded to in the movie ha-Lahakah (The Troupe – discussed in chapter 5) be applied in the case of the relationship between the state of Israel (i.e. the establishment), Israeli society, and the EARLY Israeli rock bands (pp. 137-141)? Explain why.

2. Looking at the evolution of the Israeli Song Festival from its initial purpose to what became of it at the end, would you consider it to be a successful endeavor, a failure, or both? Explain why.

3. The Army Bands and the Israeli Song Festival caused political and social changes in Israel in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Compare the changes caused by the Army Bands to those caused by the Israeli Song Festival.
Points to consider:
a. Social or political debate during their time or later
b. The political repercussions of some of the army bands songs
c. Social demands made by some sectors of Israeli society as a reaction

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