Paulo Freire

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In the development of the portfolio, there has to be a core that becomes the center(ing) element for the eventual development and elaboration.
For the purpose of identifying how the work is situated at this point, write up in two paragraphs those aspects of Freie’s thinking which matter for you and which you are prepared to have acted as the core for the portfolio’s elaboration. These are the ideas and expressions which have to support your development of this writing and its evaluation in the finished portfolio.
Write up this material in about two paragraphs
In the writing the challenge is to keep from reducing the work done by Freire to an opposition of two terms or ideas, more is being said and thought than this opposition, which is not actually present in his essay.
The writing must make sense, so that an average reader can understand the author’s thoughts.
Overall, word choices need to be appropriate and make sense.
An “A” range paper contains original ideas about the texts which are persuasively argued and effectively articulated. The “A” paper does what it sets out to do and leaves no loose ends for the reader to trip upon. The reading of an “A” paper is smooth and easy; the reader is not distracted by awkwardness.
The structure is clean and precise; the ideas flow logically from one to the next, and they are arranged to achieve a maximum effect on the reader. Not only is an “A” range paper coherent and informative, but often there is an element of creativity or “play” apparent which, while present, does not compromise the writer’s tone.
The ideas are developed to their fullest: seemingly contrary ideas are dealt with in a satisfying manner, so that the full complexity of a text is acknowledged in a way that makes the writer’s argument all the more rich and satisfying (note: this does not mean the use of such waffling techniques as, “it could mean this, but it could also mean that, too.”) In the end, the “A” paper leaves the reader with a new understanding of the text.
The writer of a “A” range paper chooses a subject that is appropriate for the length of the assignment– he or she gives him- herself enough to write about, without choosing a topic so big that it cannot possibly be covered in 2 pargraphs. The writer has spent the time to think about and develop original ideas about the text and has taken care in articulating those ideas.
Paper has mastered adapting an appropriate tone for an academic paper, and does not unnecessarily include him- or herself in the paper with such phrases as “I think” and “I feel.”
Paper uses appropriate evidence from the texts to back up her or his arguments. Introductions introduce, conclusions conclude, and there is nary a superfluous sentence in sight. The biggest challenge the writer of a “A” range paper faces is usually developing the ideas he or she sets out to examine; this often results from not preparing for the essay properly by re- “reading” the text and marking or making notes of every instance that could provide support for the argument; thus, an important opportunity is missed and the paper suffers from this.

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