Phonemic Awareness

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Read Chapter 6: Teaching Phonemic Awareness (pp. 82-100). In addition, it is highly recommended that you read the following web articles from the Reading Rockets program:
1. Phonemic awareness.
2. Beginning reading and phonological awareness.
3. Phonics.
Choose one of the following prompts and use Option 1 or Option 2 in your post’s title as appropriate:
• Option 1: Explain the difference between phonics and phonemic awareness. Describe an activity for phonics and one for phonemic awareness. Compare how they are similar and how they are different.
• Option 2: Pretend that you are creating phonemic awareness centers around a single theme, which could be a text, a specific word family, etc. Design activities for each of these centers: Sound Matching, Sound Isolation, Sound Blending, Sound Substitution, and Sound Segmentation. Explain what you found easy and what you found challenging about doing this.

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