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Paper 5- Portfolio Assignment: 200 points

For this assignment, each of you will compose several “parts” to satisfy the portfolio requirement. Portfolios will consist of the following:

• A revised paper: – you must have completed this paper and received a grade on it in order to revise it. Papers that were given 0s or not turned in on time are not eligible.
• A short 3 paragraph assessment of what you revised, why, and an explanation of your approach.
• A letter to the self that began this course. What would you say to yourself after having finished 110?

Each separate portion must follow the following guidelines.
The Revised Paper: Must revise in a substantial way. This goes beyond just fixing a few commas or semicolons. You must rethink organization, information, your argument, what you have decided to include.

Assessment: Must be at least 3 well developed paragraphs that specifically focuses on your revisions. What did you decide to do and why? Why do you think this better benefits the assignment parameters and your point?

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