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Create a 7-10 slide presentation on each topic listed below. You may use various sources, including your textbook. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide with proper APA formatting. (Cover and reference slides do not count). You may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary.

1. Unit I PowerPoint Presentation: Safety Management and Communication
Be sure to include the following in your presentation:
• Trends and Principles of Safety, Health, and Environmental Management, including team based organizations
• Elements of initiating a Safety Management System
• Influencing and managing change
• The communication process and methods
• Listening, interviewing, and consulting techniques

2. Unit III PowerPoint Presentation: Employee Involvement and Safety and Health Inspections

Be sure to include the following in your presentation:
• Employee involvement tools
• Job safety analysis
• employee safety committees and meetings
• perception surveys and suggestion systems
• effective safety and health inspection programs
• controlling workplace hazards

3. Unit V PowerPoint Presentation: Personal Protective Equipment and Ergonomics

Be sure to include the following in your presentation:
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program
• Types of PPE available
• Issues related to ergonomics
• Principles and goals of ergonomics
• Examples of how to reduce ergonomic problems

4. Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation: Machine Safeguarding and Hand Tools and Portable Tools
Be sure to include the following in your presentation:
• The safeguards, principles, and benefits of safeguarding machines and equipment
• Primary hazards and safeguard options for machinery
• Hazards and safeguards for hand and power tools
• Procedures for regular tool inspection and centralized tool room.

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