Privacy Policy

Our company’s Privacy Policy entail details we collect when one happen to be part of us through our services, how we make known specific information and the situations that reveal it.


We find it helpful and important to highlights the ways in which we deal with your data, how we value it and accord the immense importance to your data’s privacy. It is imperative for every user to understand all terms in relation to the privacy policy. We usually gather two sets of data regarding you:

  • Data which distinctively identifies you (e.g., Phone Number and Names);
  • Data which does not independently identify you (e.g., your browser and IP address).

The information is conveyed, processed as necessary and held;

Mostly, we apply this information while giving you our services, producing analysis and reports, and relevant messages regarding online shopping on our website;

Further, we may infrequently reveal such details to authorized individuals, including our advertising or promotional merchants and associates;

When using “cookies,”, due to our regular working cooperation, we allow advertising companies to get anonymous information about you to use in sending you the ads just as we send ours (section III below);

You can choose certain activities as indicated below (section VI);

To protect your information, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, assuring safety;

On registering on our website, you can revise or rewrite the information which you initially gave in that section;

If you have any concerns or questions about privacy at please reach us through our contacts that are displayed in our website;

Our services and the website are not intended for the use of or developed for children aged 14 years and below;

We can amend our Privacy Policy when we consider essential. Therefore, users must revisit it frequently. Any material amendment shall be notified through email as appropriate.


We collect the following information about you:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”); and
  2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”).

Personally Identifiable Information: PII encloses information that individually recognizes you. We gather PII when you decide to register with us and when you contribute towards a feature on this Site e.g. survey, promotion or review. You might:

  • Give your name, email address, mail/shipping address, phone number and credit card number when registering.
  • Give specific demographic details concerning you if participating in a poll or survey.
  • Leave a recommendation and/or comment about our Sites.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information consist your browser and IP addresses, operating system, your understanding about us, the range of the visits and your usage of the web pages.


When improving the services, your PII and Non-PII are crucial in gratifying your orders, addressing to your various inquiries, understanding your requirements and serving clients better. We further apply it in other areas connected with the circumstances in which you issue the data.

We may disclose Non-PII and PII to:

  • Third party merchants who manage and hold data and process credit card orders;
  • Our subsidiaries, parent company and other related organizations;
  • Partnering companies in marketing and promotion among other relationships;
  • Other instances in which you openly post reviews, remarks or other information regarding our services and products, communicate with other users through public forums.

Therefore, we apply non-PII in analyzing site delay, understanding clients’ trends and requests, starting proposed promotional activities (see “Preference Based Advertising” below).


At we cautiously protect your data while transferring by engaging Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that encrypts information. Also, we use a dependable and protected server, guarded access, firewall protection and encryption technology. Kindly note that although we strive to secure your PII, we cannot permit or assure the security of data transmitted or released to us online hence taking no liability for obliteration, stealing, or accidental revealing of PII. If your personal details that identify you are compromised, we then inform you through the last issued e-mail address as soon as possible (interruption while notifying may occur as we do require processes to verify the extent of the defiance, re-establish honesty to the procedure and valid requirements of law enforcement if notice impedes a unlawful investigation.)


When you register with, you are allowed constant entry to account division. In case of complexity altering information, notify us instantly. You may shut your membership account, though, we might retain particular details in some situations like troubleshooting, dispute solving and implementing our Terms of Use also due to technical and legal constraints. You have choices concerning the use of your data, including: sign out email allotments, contact us by clicking here; avoid receiving marketing messages from us.

In case of concerns or questions on the privacy policies at, kindly communicate to us.


Our Services and Sites are not suitable for children 14years and under therefore barred to present PII to us. The under 18, should access website while accompanied by an adult.


If we consider it essential to amend our privacy rule, we will advise you of such amendments by putting the new policy on the Sites or via email.


The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy contain all of the substantive terms of use of our Services and Web Sites nullifying any other statement or version

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