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A fiber winder machine is supposed to design and manufacture. In industry, some materials such as bottles, gas tanks etc. are winded by fiber to make them strong and stiff. The main purpose of this machine is to wind the fiber on the tanks automatically. This machine includes six small spools and a big spool. Fiber winder machine is designed to provide fiber to the big spool from small spools. In addition, the machine is expected to cut the fiber coming from an exhausted spool and exhausted spool can be switched to a new spool by the help of the operator. End of the fiber is tied to the one coming from the new spool with a knot. Moreover, operation cannot be interrupted. The machine is expected to allow the operator easily access the machine and replace the exhausted spool while the system is still running. The machine should wind the fiber on the big spool with a constant speed as 1m/s. In addition, fiber should be distributed on the big spool. Furthermore, the fiber winder machine should be fast, user friendly and economic.I will upload a word document called literature

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