Psychology of Abnormal behaviour (7)

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In the body of your paper use at least 2 scholarly references to help support your diagnosis. One of your references must be the DSM-V. All references listed on the reference page should have one or more corresponding citations (Author, year) in the body of the paper to give credit to the author.
Here are additional instructions to help organize your essay:
Start your essay with an introductory paragraph. In your introduction include a topic sentence and thesis statement. In your introduction provide the reader with an overview of the main concepts of your paper and the purpose of your paper. This is where you would provide background information on the character and their presenting problems and symptoms.
The body of your paper should be about 3-4 paragraphs (1-2 pages, plus a cover page, plus a separate page with your list of references). One topic/idea per paragraph. This is where you would explain your diagnosis, give examples of the character’s problems or symptoms, and explain your the rationale for the diagnosis using the DSM-V and other scholarly references. You must provide academic support and citations for your diagnosis (at least 2 references).

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