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Joe is a 45 year-old Caucasian married male living in rural New Jersey. He had a relatively stable childhood and joined the Army at 18. He spent 6 years in the military which included one deployment overseas where he was involved in active combat. He was discharged at age 24 and married his long-term girlfriend. They currently have 2 children, ages 15 & 12. He currently works in sales and marketing and reports that his relationship with his wife has been somewhat rocky lately and he feels that their connection “just isn’t what it used to be”. Joe came into your office today at the urging of his wife. For the 2 months, he has been having nightmares of his days in combat. He hasn’t been sleeping well because of it. He also has experienced periodic bouts of anxiety and feeling “like [he] just couldn’t sit still. He describes his memories of his combat days in vivid detail, and he has spoken about feeling like was reliving the situation. He also reports that he gets “jumpy” at loud noises and they sometimes give him an “anxiety attack”. This is the first time (within the past 2 months) that Joe has experienced these symptoms. He is afraid that he is “going crazy”. He also reported that he hasn’t been to a doctor for a checkup in over 3 years, and that he is worried about his status at work because their sales were down for the last year and the company had started to lay people off. He is worried that he will not be able to provide for his family if he is laid off . “What kind of man would I be if I lost my job and had to go on unemployment?” Discuss the following: – What might be happening for Joe? Explain the possibilities of causal factors from a Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural perspective (considering the impact of family, culture of veterans, the culture of being male, etc.) – What role are these stressors playing in his life? Are they exacerbating the symptoms of PTSD, or is it the other way around (The PTSD symptoms influencing his negative view on the current status of his life)? – Explain the effects of stress on a person′s physical and psychological functioning.

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