Read and reflect on Chapter 19 in Werner and Sanders’ “Questioning the Solution” which describes issues, processes and actions related to a struggle for land and justice in a Mexican community

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Critically analyse Project Piaxtla from a participatory planning approach to health and development. In particular, focus on the following issues in the Project and their relationship to the principles and practices of participatory planning:
• How needs were assessed and changes over time in needs assessment
• Who participated in the program and who may not have participated
• How issues of inequity were addressed or not addressed
• The extent to which processes and actions were congruent with principles and processes of participatory planning
Your paper should:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and processes involved in participatory planning
• Demonstrate an understanding of relevant literature that contributes to participatory approaches to planning in development and health
• Demonstrate an ability to critical analyse the material in the case study by using theory as a framework for analysis

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