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Write a reflective reading journal which is to be submitted with your research report. As you gather and read documents relating to your report, write individual entries in your reading journal for each of six scholarly sources that you read and decided to use for your analytical report. In each journal entry you will include full citation details for the source that you have read, and address the following questions: a) What have I just read? [Your response to this question is to include the full citation details for the source you have read, with the same information and formatting as the citation included in the Reference list of your report.] b) What were the key points? c) How do they relate to my selected report topic? d) What points may be useful to include in my report? e) What questions does this reading raise for me to pursue further? f) How do my own experiences or observations relate to this reading? General guidance on reflective/journal writing is provided on the Student Support website of the Student Engagement Unit, available at this link: However you should note the specific requirements for writing the Reading Journal for this assignment, as set out above. Page 1 of 9 Page 2 of 9 Introduction to Construction Management BUIL 1007 / SP2 2017 / Assignment 2 Assignment 2 – Part 2 Analytical report 20% During the last 10 years, information and communication technologies (ICT) have generated great changes in the construction industry. More changes are expected to come in the next 15 years. Based on the principle that the future can be influenced if we know what we want it to be, Erdogan, Abbott & Aouad (2010) proposed a vision for the application of ICT in the construction industry for the next 15 years. The vision (see below) is based on four strands: people, processes, technology and places. Vision: “The construction industry is supported by tools and technologies which are fully compatible, developed using open standard software and that put people at the centre of focus, thus enabling creativity, creating integrated business processes that are consistent and compatible; and facilitating less geographically dependent ways of working.” Write an analytical report that discusses how this vision can be achieved.

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