Reflective journal

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assessment criteria
• Extent to which Journal contains reflecting writing.
• Depth of reflection.
• Ability to convey reflection clearly in written English.
• Development of reflective capacity through the journal writing experience.
Specific information about reflective journal entries

You are required to make three entries in the reflective journal:

1. The first entry in the reflective journal requires you to reflect on the role of activists in achieving social and environmental sustainability. For this entry you may use the following sources as anchors to guide your reflection. They are all available in e-readings.
Swartz, J 2010, ‘Timberland’s CEO on standing up to 65,000 angry activists’, Harvard Business Review, vol. 88, no. 9, pp. 39-43.
Sandhu, S 2010, ‘Shifting paradigms in corporate environmentalism: From poachers to gamekeepers’, Business and Society Review, vol. 115, no. 3, pp. 285-310.

2. The second entry in the journal requires you to reflect on why it is important to think about career planning in your first year at university.
• The experience of filling in the careers workbook will provide a reference point for this reflection entry.
• Chapter 9 of the textbook may also be useful.
3. The third entry in the journal requires you to reflect on the relevance of ethics in your future professional life. For this entry you may use the following source as an anchor to guide your reflection. It is available in the eReadings.

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