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Title of the future research paper is ( Circulation and disease prevalence, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations or arbovirus infections in Saudi Arabia) here are some few tips on how to formulate the research questions which you should include ( 1- a comparative of different cohorts studies for the same research area among malaysian vs brazilian, vs south american, singaporean etc etc to this cohort i’m doing in saudi arabia and the middle east . and the question here is to see is there any difference between my study and other studies and you must put this a a research question in a scientific terms?-2-is there any difference between serum CRP levels between malaria infection , bacterial infection and viral infection ? also, in which infection it shows higher CRP level??-3- is there any difference in liver enzymes ALT and AST ( liver enzymes) between malaria, bacterial and viral infections and in which one it it higher ?-4-what other difference are there between the 3 malaria with regards to white blood cells count ? platelets count? esr level? for more help please do not hesitate to ask me – again , all of these should be formulated in research questions in a high level scientific English

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