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Working on Assignment Essay # 1:Rhetorical Analysis Instructions (worth 100 points) Essay # 1: Rhetorical Analysis Topic: For this essay, you will choose a controversial article from a newspaper to analyze. Use the information Part One of Everything Is An Argument and the skills you utilized in Short Assignment # 2 to begin your analysis. You may use an American newspaper or a newspaper from abroad. Some questions to consider: · How is the argument presented? · What techniques are used to convince the reader? · Is the argument based on Logos, Pathos or Ethos? Does it use a combination of all three? · Are logical fallacies used? · What judgement can you make about the newspaper and audience by the techniques that are used? Are views liberal or conservative? Demographics? Process and guidelines: · Read the article you have chosen carefully. · Think about the topic and create a working thesis. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction. · Plan your body paragraphs by making an outline and deciding which examples/explanation you will use in each paragraph to support your topic sentences. Be sure to take examples from throughout the article. · Be sure each paragraph has a clear topic sentence. · Plan your introduction and conclusion. Remember that beginnings and endings are very important. · DO NOT SUMMARIZE the article. Analyze the article instead. · Your essay should be 3-4 double spaced pages, roughly 500-750 words (use MLA format). · Explain your ideas clearly; write well developed paragraphs; organize your ideas logically. Be sure to cover the requirements of the assignment. · Reread your essay and edit carefully to make sure that you have used conventional mechanics spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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