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Prevalence & Demand-side in SA
1. How many such facilities exist in the country and where are they situated
a. Their size and number of operating units
b. Who is their market
c. Is there a gap
d. What range of procedures are conducted in each
e. What is the standard cost of procedures named above in SA vs. Europe and USA
f. What is the standard cost of the following procedures in SA vs. Europe and USA
i. skin lesions,
ii. lipoma (superficial skin and soft tissue lumps and bumps)
iii. breast lumpectomy
iv. inguinal hernia
v. radiation
vi. chemotherapy

Regulatory Burdens
2. What are the regulations regarding set up of such facilities and time frame of compliance for each
3. What are the requirements for getting surgeons from outside of SA licensed to operate in SA
a. Documentary requirements
b. Exams, if any
c. Turnaround time
d. Cost
4. What are the safety regulations for operating the following machines
a. Ct scan (and costs thereof of different types)
b. MRI scan (and costs thereof of different types)
c. imaging machine (and costs thereof of different types)
d. radiation machine (and costs thereof of different types)

5. How many ‘international’ locums agencies that do placements in South Africa
6. What rates do they charge for the different categories of medical personnel (esp. surgeons at different levels)
7. What is the prevalence of these medical professionals bringing their families with vs. those that come alone
8. What is the average placement period in South Africa
9. What are the pay-rates in South Africa for the following local personnel:
a. scrub nurse,
b. recovery nurse,
c. anaesthesian,
d. Certified Registered Nurse (CRN)Anesthetist
e. Certified Registered Nurse (CRN) Radiology

Medical Tourism
10. What is the prevalence of medical tourism in SA (stats on these kinds of tourists)
a. Compare stats of US vs. EU vs. Africa diaspora
11. Which organizations do this and which ones do non-plastic surgery?

Physical Layout and Facilities
12. What does a typical outpatient surgery center look like (use pictures / sketches)
13. What equipment is required to set up a typical outpatient surgery center
a. What are the costs of each piece of equipment (at a minimum your costing to include OR table, anesthesia machine, waste disposal, sterile equipment, suction devices, ventilator, radiation machine)
b. Who are the suppliers and what are the typical maintenance contracts for these; as well as typical lifespan
14. What are the typical space requirements of setting up such a center (in square meters)

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