Simple Regression Models Case Study: Mystery Shoppers

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Chic Sales is a high-end consignment store with several locations in the metro area. The company noticed a decrease in sales over the last fiscal year. Research indicated customer satisfaction had decreased and the owner, Pat Turner, decided to create a mystery shopper program.

The mystery shopper program lasted over a 6-month period, employing several loyal and new customers assigned to each location. Surveys were on a 100-point scale and involved categories such as “Staff Attitude,” “Store Cleanliness,” “Product Availability,” and “Display(s) Appeal.”

After the mystery shopper period concludes, Mrs. Turner sends you the following e-mail:

The last mystery shopper surveys came in and I have the final numbers. I am interested in whether there is a way to predict the final average based on the initial survey score.Also, is there a statisticallysignificant relationship between how stores initially performed and what the overall average is?

The initial survey score and the final average data for all seven store locations is in the table below:

Store 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Initial Survey Score 83 97 84 72 85 64 93
Final Average 78 98 92 75 88 70 93


Also, how good is the relationship between Initial Survey Score and the Final Average?  Could I use an Initial Survey Score to predict a Final Average?  In fact, could I predict a Final Average if I have an Initial Survey Score of 90?

If you could have this to me before the weekend, that would be great.

Thanks so much!

Pat Turner, Owner

Chic Sales Consignment, LLC

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