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  1. Read the article “Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media” posted on Canvas and answer the following questions:
  1. Do you think social media provide strategic advantages to an organization? How?
  2. What are the challenges in the of social media environment?
  3. What are some of the recent trends in social media analytics?
  4. List all social the social media websites you can think of. Try to group these sites thematically. Choose two websites that are similar and answer the following questions (10 points):
  5. What features do they share? How are they different?
  6. What is the performance of these two website? (You are welcome to use Alexa to get traffic statistics)
  7. Does one site performance better than the other? What are the possible reasons cause the difference?
  8. Think about the social media you used in Q2 (5 points):
  9. What sites do you personally use?
  10. Do they overlapping features (e.g., do you use a photo-sharing website in addition to Facebook, which allows you to share photos)?
  11. If so, why do you use two sites instead of one?
  12. If you do not use sites with overlapping features, is it a conscious choice to keep your social media content consolidated, is there another reason, or have you not thought about it? Would you ever consider using sites with overlapping features? Why or why not?

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