sociology homework

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Series I
 Briefly describe the American Eugenics Movement. (1 pt)
 Briefly summarize Hoffman’s extinction thesis. (1 pt)
 Discuss why biological scientists now feel that our current racial categories/classifications are inherently flawed. Provide at least one example of supporting evidence used in the film. (1 pt)
Series II
 Summarize the significant roles of both Thomas Jefferson and Louis Agassiz in the creating of scientific race. (2 pts)
 What did you find to be the most interesting and/or surprising detail from this episode, and why? (1 pt)
 What term or concept from chapter 8 do you see as most relevant to this episode, and why? (1 pt)
Series III
 What arguments were brought before the courts both the Ozawa and Thind cases? What was the court’s ruling? (2 pts)
 Discussing the Natl. appraisal system and redlining. (1 pt)

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