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Data Webinar Online Assignment
As special educators, we are constantly monitoring the progress of our students on their IEP goals. However, do we really know how to make data-driven decisions to adjust our instruction? This webinar will explore how we use progress monitoring data to drive our educational decisions.
1. Access the webinar in the following manner:
a. www.intensiveintervention.org
b. Resources (left corner)
c. Webinars
d. Data Rich, Information Poor?
2. Participate in the webinar then answer the following questions and submit to drop box via a word document.
a. What are the common challenges with academic data?(5 points)
b. Describe structured questioning in each of the following: (5 points each)
i. Data/assessment:
ii. Dosage/fidelity:
iii. Content/intensity:
3. What is the data telling you when your data points (5 points each)
a. Are flat lined?
b. Are highly variable?
c. Show a slow rate of improvement?
4. What are two things you learned from this webinar that you will use in your progress monitoring to drive intervention decisions? (5 points)

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