Strategic Analysis Report on Cobra Beer

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The Report must cover the following 4 questions in the analytical report:

1. Provide an in-depth analysis of the competitive forces and strategic elements of the external environment shaping the X’s industry.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 900 words excluding use of supplementary appendices
• You should use any relevant strategic models to complete your analysis including macro-frameworks, Porter’s 5 forces and Industry (ILC) theory. Please avoid listing and descriptive content. It must contain structured critical evaluation.

2. Undertake an internal strategic analysis of X company using appropriate organisational & strategic models to complete your critical assessment.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 1,100 words excluding use of supplementary appendices.
• Your strategic analysis should concentrate on the internal aspects of X as an organisation. This can include financial & resource appraisal (RBV) and/or value chain linkages and other relevant learning gained from lectures & seminars on BKEY601.
• Aspire to being critical. Do not outline any theories in an explicit fashion. Simply apply them to the context of the case.

3. The CEO is concerned about various PR crises that have impacted X since 2008. Therefore, you are required to identify the external stakeholder issues that X faces and critically assess their impact on the corporate reputation and brand equity of X.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 700 words excluding use of supplementary appendices
• This requires the critical application of organisational ethics theory, CSR concepts, stakeholder applications & reputation management concepts/metrics.

4. Based on sections 1-3, you are required to summarise the strategic options (strategies) that are appropriate to X and make definitive recommendations for X to sustain its future position in the its industry.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 1,300 words. No supplementary appendices should be used in this section. It is not appropriate.
• This requires the application of the strategic options approach based on one of the lectures & seminars. It is very advisable to continue attend lectures that follow after the publication of this document.

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