Supply chain management

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part A: Energy Audit

Carry out a detailed energy audit for a factory or a building where you work or live. The audit should incorporate the 3 phases of the energy audit. The methodology and procedures are described in Appendix A located at the course website. The Audit also need to satisfy type 2 (level 2) energy Audit requirement AS/NZS 3598: 2014.

Part B: Feasibility Study

In addition to the energy audit also undertake a separate feasibility study to convert 30% of the companies energy use to renewable energy sources within 5 years. 10% of this energy can come from renewable energy supplied by the government or energy supplier, while the other 20% must be produced by the company itself. In a report of no more than 6 pages you will need to include the following:
◦discuss which renewable energy sources are most appropriate for the location of your company,
◦select the most appropriate technology (this may be more than one),
◦Select a supplier for the technology – or will you develop your own?
◦Determine the cost and payback period –Provide a detailed installation and implementation plan for the conversion to renewable energy
◦If you plan to obtain 10% of renewable energy from the government or energy supplier discuss the different options suppliers have available and what renewable technologies they use and select the best supplier.

Important notice: You need to get approval from the course coordinator to commence the Energy audit task. Please provide your proposal and action plan (maximum of 2 pages) and get approval from the teaching team ASAP. your proposal need to include

◦Site information (size, location, type) (It can be an industry, or a commercial building or even your house)
◦Main Energy conservation areas in the site to be investigated
◦if you have access to historical energy data (minimum one year)
◦if you are able to make a site visit


Structure of Report
◦The audit should follow the methodology and procedure described in “The Energy Audit, Energy Management Advisory Booklet” (Appendix A) and the requirements of type 2 audit of AS/NZS 3598: 2014.
◦On the basis of the audit, produce clear recommendations on the most appropriate means for better energy management and reduced energy costs in the building or factory.
◦Use the UniSA “Engineering Report Writing Style Guide” for help in formatting your report
◦Page limit: 20 pages + 6 pages for feasibility study) (main body ie. Introduction – Conclusion excluding preliminary pages, Appendices and References list)
◦place additional information in Appendix if required (extra pages)

You are advised to view and study the Energy Audit standard : AS/NZS 3598: 2014; available via SAI Global.(Access online view via UniSA library login to Standards Australia using your student username and password) .

Expected report outline



◦Table of Contents


1. Introduction
◦ Include company background
◦Structure of company
◦Objective of energy audit
◦Approximately 2 pages

2. Phase 1 – An Audit of Historical Data

◦Energy Costs and consumption levels (convert data to common unit kWh)


◦Identify seasonal patterns (if any)


◦Review purchasing arrangements(investigate alternative Tariffs if available)

◦Plot energy consumption against output (it can be product, service or occupancy) and determine the energy intensity

◦Approximately 4 pages


3. Phase 2 – The screening survey
◦Obtain plant layouts
◦Undertake a quick survey to identify obvious energy losses & feasibility for potential cost savings

◦Review of recording and reporting system


◦Detail energy consumption data with the necessary chart

◦Approximately 4 pages

4. Phase 3 – Detailed Investigation and analysis
◦ Identify specific energy saving projects
◦ Economic analysis of payback period for each project & estimate possible reduction in CO2 level
◦Approximately 7 pages

5. Recommendations
◦recommendation for implementation of projects
◦ Plans for ensuring success of energy management plan

6. Feasibility Study (~ 6 page)

7. Conclusion (~ 1 page)




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