Teacher Turnover in Private Early Childhood Education Schools In Mumbai, India

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Problem Statement:
Clarify the problem statement. For example,
The problem is that privately owned and operated pre-schools face teacher attrition both at the local and at the national level in Mumbai, India.

Keep your wording consistent – use “attrition” throughout vs interchanging with “turnover.” Attrition has multiple inferences. If you use the word turnover – it changes the focus of your study.

Research Methodology and Design
Clarify this section. This qualitative case study….
The centers are not the case study. How many centers will you observe (what do you mean by observe?) or Will you interview? (who and how many to you plan to include?) I see under possible types…. you include how many. However, this is unclear. What is the mix (will you use archival data?)

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