Terms and Conditions

1. Terminology

  1. ‘Contract’ refers to these Terms, along with the Conditions.
  2. ‘Company’ refers to the entity which provides writing services, alongside autonomous research to clients based on the terms stipulated in this Contract.
  3. ‘Writer’ is the individual that has accepted to work on a freelance basis with the Company to avail ‘writing services` as well as, research, under the terms of the Company.
  4. ‘Client’ is the individual who requests an Order to acquire the product from the Company on the basis of his/her specifications under the stipulated terms and conditions of this Contract.
  5. ‘Order’ is an application of a compensated request from the Client for a specific service and/or Product.
  6. ‘Order Status’ describes the progress of an Order on a specific level.
  7. ‘Product’ is a paper in an electric format, which is the eventual outcome of a completed Order.
  8. ‘Product Revision’ is the original product’s edited version that is initialized by the Client.
  9. ‘Support or Support Team’ the organizational structure of the Company with the duty to help, alongside coordinating the process of the Order.
  10. ‘The Department of Quality Assurance’ implies the organizational structure part of the Company with the duty to protect, and assess the eminence of service and product provided.
  11. ‘Messaging System’ makes certain that communication between the Support/Writer and Client.
  12. ‘Verification Process’ is a process required from Client so as to substantiate his/her billing individuality to avert deceit.
  13. ‘Store Credit’ is a Client’s money account contained by the Company


2. Policies for Privacy

  1. The Company is devoted to guarding the Client’s privacy and it would never share or resell any personal information of the Client, including information from the credit card, with a third party. The processing of entire online transactions is done via the secure, alongside, reliable online systems of payment availed by one of the most recognized organization worldwide. It protects the Client from the possibility of disclosure of the information of the credit card. Nonetheless, the Company does not entirely warranty any exposure of the information of the card that may crop up above its control or/and without its error.
  2. Particular Company’s web site pages require the Client to avail the name of the Company, email address, phone number or home address. This information is not utilized by the Company for other reasons apart from the Substantiation and to get in touch with the Client for the purpose of the Order. Other additional files that the Client provides so as to surpass the Substantiation Process are removed from the database
  3. Writer and the Client are forbidden from direct contact in order to guard the Client’s personal information. The Client is allowed to utilize the various interactive features that the Company has created for this intention, and a competent Support Team is accessible for the Client 24/7.
  4. Information availed by the Client in Order specification, as well as, in extra files required to complete the Order instantly becomes observable to the Writers immediately an Order is compensated. It is not the Company’s liability for voluntary disclosure of information by the Client in the process of Order placement and encourages the Client to desist from putting any billing or personal information, such as Email addresses, Client’s phone number, etc.), alongside the disclosure of the identity of the Client in the process of corresponding with the Writer via the system of messaging.


3. Product’s nature, alongside Usage Terms 

  1. The Company avails a service, which locates properly qualified professionals for autonomous personalized research, alongside writing services provision availed to the Client as a distinctive reference, which is intended to help in the achievement of the assignment or academic obligation for the Client. Therefore, it is comprehended that any guarantees regarding the grades for the Client as a consequence or outcome of the Product’s submission to any academic establishment are not offered by the Company. The intention of this Contract is stringently to avail the Client with a unique reference paper or related services in regards to the instructions of the Client. Everything offered by the Company is anticipated for reference/research purposes only. Additionally, it is not the responsibility of the Company for the Client’s failure to learn the Product’s material or inappropriate utilization of research contained within.
  2. The Company owns the intellectual property and the Client has the elite consent, as well as, right to utilize the product for a restricted time of 6 (six) months. Upon the end of the stipulated, the Company will totally regain all of the Product’s rights.


4. Process of the Order

  1. Order placement. It is the Client’s responsibility at the time of filling in the Order form, to register utilizing a legitimate Email address, in addition to availing a valid phone number through which the Client can be contacted (preferably both mobile and home). Numerous occasions may arise during the preparation of the Order, when contacting the Client is necessary. Failure to avail a correct phone number or an applicable Email address may have impacts on the completion of the Order and will lead to an infringement of the terms, alongside, conditions of this Contract.
  2. Since the work of the Company is carried out on the basis of the instructions provided by the Client, these instructions should be precise and clear. In the event that the instructions are unclear, and there is a need for additional instructions for Order Completion, but are not availed within the stipulated time frame, the Company will not fulfill any implied guarantee or warranty. The Client is encouraged that upon completion of the Order, any requests for revision must be on the basis of the initial requirements, alongside descriptions of the same. Any alterations from the original instructions will be termed as editing.
  3. Sources. It is the right of the Writer to utilize any pertinent sources available for the finishing of the Order that has been requested unless the Client specifies some sources that are to be utilized.
  4. Academic Level Matching. If the Client’s chosen academic level is the inappropriate quality/academic level, the client shall take all responsibility for such mistake.
  5. Messaging System check. The system of messaging is a convenient and easy way of communication. The Client should view messages for any information from Writer or the Support Team.
  6. Inappropriate Order Placement. It is the right of the Company not to resubmit or to process the Client’s Order if the details availed are incoherent to or are not matching the original description of the Order.
  7. Order Progress tracking. The Client is encouraged to keep contact with the Writer/Support Team, alongside monitoring Order Progress via the Client’s personal account.
  8. Preferred Writer. The Client can choose a writer of his/her own choice to complete an Order though the Company has the rights to reject the request of a preferred Writer on the basis of the history of the Writer.

5. Downloading/ Delivery Policy

  1. It is the endeavor of the Company to offer the highest satisfaction degree available. The Company endeavors for the highest degree of satisfaction available. Nonetheless, the Company will not and cannot be held responsible or liable for any kind of delivery issue as a result of problems, including incorrect Email, spam filters, general neglect or inadequate internet access, among others.
  2. In the event of timely product delivery, the Company shall not be liable for the Client’s failure for product downloading.

6. Authentication Process

  1. Guarding the Client’s billing information and eradicating swindle is a precedence that is taken seriously by the Company.
  2. It is within the Company’s right to request the client to provide a photocopy of his/her credit card, passport/visa, official ID/drivers license and a client’s bank authorization code.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Client to comply immediately when asked to authenticate the Client’s billing information so as to make sure that the information reaches the policies of anti-fraud, alongside procedures of the Company.
  4. The law forbids any illegal utilization of an illegally acquired credit card. The relevant law enforcement authorities will be notified for further investigations in the event of such an incidence.


7. Revision and Termination Policy

  1. It is within the rights of the Company to terminate any Order that has been paid at its own decision or determination in the event of inadequate communication/collaboration from the Client’s side that impact on the completion of the Order, or if the Company suspects that the Client is involved in a deceptive activity.
  2. The policy for Free Revision is a courtesy service which is provided by the Company to ensure a total satisfaction of the Client with the finished order. To get the free revision, it is required that the Client provides the request before 14 days from the first day of completion of the product and in a timeframe of 30 days for thesis, dissertation, thesis proposal, research proposal, dissertation chapters writing, and any other large orders.
  3. The Company’s Quality Assurance Department has the right to restrict the amount of revisions or refuse revision requests in events including alterations in the details of the original order, unreasonable assignment return, misusing writer and misusing options of revision.
  4. In the event that the request for revision violates the instructions provided originally, the Department of Quality Assurance reserves all the rights to turn it down. In the event that the request does not violate the outlined guidelines, the Company shall gladly revise the Client’s Order to achieve the original requirements without additional fee.


8. Guarantee for satisfaction

  1. Originality for the ordered Product is guaranteed in addition to a timely delivery with 100 % plagiarism free.
  2. The Company cannot and does not guarantee that proofreading, and editing, will be free of plagiarism.
  3. In cases where the Client requires order cancellation, the request should be made any time before the Order is completed.
  4. All cancellations and refunds resulting from bad quality are articulated in writing by utilizing the Messaging System or through sending an Email to the support Department.
  5. In the event of refund request resulting from bad Product quality, the Client must avail strong reasons, along with instances to back up the request for refund.
  6. In the event that the request for refund is not received in seventy two hours after the order is completed, it will be understood that the Client is contented with the services and he/she will not have the right to any refund amount.


9. Breach Waiver

  1. The Company shall not offer any waiver of any of this Contract’s breach but any other successive breach shall be a waiver held against the Client.
  2. The Company’s failure to emphasize on a stringent performance of the terms, alongside conditions of the Contract shall be considered a remedies waiver or rights that may be owned by the Company regarding that particular instance only, and will not be considered any successive breach of evasion in any terms and conditions waiver.


10. Amendments

  1. It is within the Company’s rights amend, modify, revise or modify any and the entire of this Contract. The Client expressly concurs to accept any successive changes, amendment, or modifications as stipulated herein.


11. Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. a) Entire Contract– this Contract contains the whole stipulation between the Company and the Client, and no promises, inducements or statements made by agent or party, which are contradictory herein will be binding or valid, unless expressly certified under this Contract.
  2. Severability– it is agreed and comprehended by the Client that incase any term, provision, or part of this Contract is stipulated unlawful by the courts or in inconsistency with any state law in which it was made, the legitimacy of the residual provisions will not be impacted, and the obligations and rights of the Client will be interpreted, as well as imposed as if the Contract did not have the specific part, provision, or term deemed to be void.
  3. Law Governing– there should be a reciprocal agreement and comprehended that this Contract will be under the laws of the country where the Company has its central location of business, so as to performance and interpretation, or in other location at the Company’s determination.
  4. Suit Place– Any judicial proceedings or action for the implementation of this Contract will take place in the competent jurisdiction courts in the state which the Company has its principal business location or in any location at the Company’s determination.


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