The effects of HIV/ Aids brings anxiety to many families in Africa

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Present your research question clearly.
• Explain why you selected your dataset and the statistical test you applied to that dataset.
• Detail whether your test has statistical power or not.
• Use one of the statistical tests covered in this course.
• Visually display your results, in APA format.
• Detail how your findings might impact social change.
• Ensure that your Final Project is 8 pages in length, in APA format.

Use the below Template


1. Describe the topic of the study, why the study needs to be conducted, and the potential positive social change implications of the study.
2. Preview major sections of the chapter.

Study Purpose/Research Objectives

1. Indicate that this is a quantitative study.
2. Present the study intent (such as, describe, compare, correlate, explore, and develop).
3. Identify the independent, dependent, and covariate variables.

Research Question(s) and Hypotheses

1. State the research questions.
2. State the null and alternative hypotheses (if appropriate) that identify the independent and dependent variables studied, the association tested, and how the variables are measured.


1. Describe the data you used.
2. Describe the variables and how each variable is measured or manipulated.
3. Identify the statistical test(s) used to test the hypothesis/hypotheses.
4. Explain the rationale for including potential covariates and/or confounding variables.

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