The future of electric vehicles in Hong Kong

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

List the topic you have interest, knowledge, experience
• Select one topic you have most confidence to start with (bear in mind that there should be some business value)
• List the problem / issues/ opportunities of the topic
• Select one and start defining it in details,
What is it?(how to describe it)
Who involve?( ppl, organization, gov..)
Negative impact envisages/ positive change ahead
What can be done (value) after the research
E.g. critical success factors (CSFs) ; example of CSFs, minimum no. of customers ; no. of product variants, selling price range

The research Proposal
Step 1 – Problem definition
– Briefly describe the background of the organization and the background of the problems
– State the problem clearly (not the symptoms)
– State the impact thereon if the problem if not resolved

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