Unit 1 Business Application Assignment: Business Research

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Unit 1 Business Application Assignment: Business Research
By now, you should have picked a business to use for your application assignments. If you have not, then return to the “Choosing a Business for your Application Assignments” and make your decision.
Now that you have made your decision as to which company to use, do some research on this business and prepare a short 1-2 page report. Be sure you review the Instructions below.
Your report should cover the following points:
• In your introduction, identify the business and explain why you selected this business.
• Give a brief history of the business.
• Identify and describe the products and/or services the business offers.
• Identify and describe the type of ownership of this business. Note: Publicly traded companies are going to be corporations.
• On what stock exchange is this business listed? (NASDAQ, NY, AMEX, etc.) How is this business listed on the stock exchange? What is the current (today’s) price of this company’s stock?
• Describe one threat you think this business might have in today’s business environment.
• Describe one opportunity you think this business might have for future growth and development.

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