Unit 2 Investigation

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(1) Research How Media Providers Use Cloud Services
Abstract: Entertainment Media has been adopting Internet based delivery since the turn of the millennium. Netflix was one of the first major movie services to move from CD/DVD based media to an Internet model. As the bandwidth multiplied at the user’s end, the acceptability of this option all but obliterated services such as Blockbuster and the thousands of small town video stores. Even the remaining services like RedBox are using alternative options allowing customers to reserve movies at the local grocery store/gas station by renting them online and then picking them up.
Your challenge in this research is to identify exactly how Netflix and Amazon compete with each other to deliver movies from the ‘Cloud’.
Who owns the hardware that they contract for?
How do they pay for bandwidth?
What happens when someone purchases a movie vs renting one?
How might YouTube become a disruptor for these providers with its ad-based model? How does YouTube host its movies and who owns YouTube?
How are these services different from iTunes?

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