Unit 4 Assignment

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This assignment reinforces information in your textbook and concepts presented in this unit. Your responses should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are grammatically correct. It is recommended that you work on this assignment as you go complete your unit reading assignment and view the Power Point Presentations. Justify your responses with facts from your reading assignment. Write your answers in complete sentences. Please be sure to write your answers in your words.
1. Define both race and ethnicity.
2. Define both stereotypes and discrimination.
3. Provide a short summary of each of the theories surrounding Prejudice including: Scapegoat Theory, Authoritarian Personality Theory, Culture Theory and Conflict Theory.
4. Describe patterns of interaction among racial and ethnic categories in a society in terms of four models: pluralism, assimilation, segregation, and genocide.
5. Give examples of inequality in both Race and Ethnicity in the United States.
6. Define age stratification.
7. What do you feel are the implications of age stratification?

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