Unit 5 121 Business Application Assignment: Business Trends

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In this Application Assignment, you should use the same business that you select to use for all of the unit application assignments. This is the easiest thing to do, but if you wish to use a different business, you may do so.
For extra credit include the Stock Market Report file when you submit this Application file. If you include the Stock Market Report file, you can add 10 points to your application grade, for a maximum grade of 100.
Conduct some research on this business and prepare a 1-2 page report, following the same guidelines in earlier units.
Use your research to develop your own opinions, interpretations and conclusions about this business. Your report should cover the following points:
• Analyze financial reports available on the company website for the past 2 years. This can include stock market charts and graphs over the past several months.
• Give your opinion as to the company’s profitability and how well it has performed over the past two years.
• Provide a brief summary of what you learned about this business in this course.
• Would you invest money in this business?
• Would you want to work for or own this business?
• What trends and/or changes do you see for this business/industry? What are your forecasts for the future?
• What are your recommendations for this business? How might they improve?

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