Use the Rescorla-Wagner model to explain the overexpectation effect.

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1. Write about a stimulus that you have become habituated to and a stimulus you have been sensitized to. Define if this habituation/sensitization was long/short lasting. Explain why you think it was adaptive to produce habituation/sensitization to this stimulus.
2. Apply the concepts used in classical conditioning to explain drug addiction. How does a classical conditioning model account for tolerance? How does it account for withdrawal symptoms? Be sure to label the US, UR, CS, CR.
3. There are certain constraints on learning imposed by the innate behaviours of the animal. Certain breeds of dog have been bred for certain types of behaviour over the years. Give a thorough example of such a breed (and the related behaviour) and explain how this breeding would interfere with learning.
4. Pick a phobia someone might have and explain how you would use systematic desensitization to treat it. How are extinction and generalization important parts of this procedure?
5. I want to train my dog to be in the movies. This particular task requires him to go to a specific phone (you can pick its qualities), take off the receiver, look like he is dialing the phone, and then bark (to look like he is talking into the phone). Explain how you can use shaping to make this happen. Be sure to: identify the target behaviour, list the successive approximations, and identify how you will reward him.
a) How could providing too much reinforcement for one approximation hinder the final target response?
b) How do I use discrimination training to make sure he picks the right phone even if there are many phones around?
6. Come up with examples in classical conditioning where the CS is: a sound, a visual stimulus, and a smell. Be sure to explain your scenario completely and label the CS, CR, US, UR in each of your three examples.
7. A child is trying to learn how to read using the flash card method. She is being shown the word at the same time she is being shown a picture of a horse and a person is saying the word “horse.” Experts say that this method might actually slow down the acquisition of a text word.

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