Viral Offerings:Describe twerking or the Harlem shake; it’s quite another to explain why they are theoretically significant or insightful.

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Inevitably, over the course of the semester, something will happen that will be considered a viral video or some other digital phenomenon that links into our course readings. Often, we’ll be able to reflect on these via the course “blog,” but some may necessitate further reflection. These assignments offer that opportunity. They are short essays, roughly 2-3 pages, that reflect upon some sort of digital meme or phenomenon. Most importantly, they *must* link up to theory that we’ve discussed in class.

It’s one thing to describe twerking or the Harlem shake; it’s quite another to explain why they are theoretically significant or insightful. Your task is the latter, not the former. Use one or more course readings to explain the significance of what you’ve found. If you’re active enough online, you’ll find something!

The paper should be 2-3 pages that outlines three major things:

1.    What is the viral offering? Offer a description and links to the phenomenon. The assignment should be turned in digitally, so I’ll be able to click the link and witness the viral offering on my own.

2.    Why is it significant? This section should remark about what makes this viral offering viral (or attempt to be viral). You should discuss its significance as an artifact of digital culture. In your estimation, why is or isn’t this video gaining traction online?

3.    How does it connect to course readings? Select one or more of our course readings and discuss how the reading helps explain the offering or is reminiscent of it. You may want to make direct theory connections using stock rhetorical theory (see the handout on the digital display for examples), or take an idea/concept from a reading and apply it more loosely.

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