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Nordic telecom provider TeliaSonera grew from being a local telecom provider in the Nordic region to a trend-setting international player in Eurasia markets. It’s 150-million strong customer base spans across the Nordic and Baltic countries to the Himalayas. TeliaSonera’s operations in Eurasia, where the institutional frameworks are either in transition from planned to market economy or relatively weak compared to Europe, grew thanks to the technical know-how and deep customer understanding of the company, and its infrastructure investments in the region. The highly technological and better quality network investments provided TeliaSonera a leading edge in the region compared to local competitors.
14. How would you characterize the competitive intensity and attractiveness of the telecom industry in Eurasia by using Porter`s Five Forces?
15. Many multinational companies fail in their expansion in emerging economies. What are the main capabilities and resources that drive TeliaSonera`s successful growth in Eurasia markets?
16. Given the institutional differences between European and Eurasian markets, what are the main challenges faced by TeliaSonera in its international expansion strategy? Which strategies enable TeliaSonera to minimize the risks of these challenges?
17. How does TeliaSonera differentiate itself from its competitors in Eurasia market?

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