What is the capitalist, free enterprise ideal

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) What is the capitalist, free enterprise ideal?
2) IN 2017, 1 Euro= 3TL,1$= 4TL and 1 Russian Ruble = 10Turkish Lira. Therefore a shirt which sells at 240 TL in Turkey in 2017 is approximately 80 Euros, 60$ and 24 Russian Rubles. Suppose from 2017 to 2018, inflation in Turkey is %100, in Eurozone is 0%, in Usa is %50 and in Russia is %50 in 2018. Moreover, 1 Russian Ruble is 10 TL , 1 Euro= 5 TL and 1$= 20TL. What will be the direction of exports between a) USA&RUSSIA B) EUROZONE&USA c) TURKEY&RUSSA??
3) U.S, Japan, European companies are usually the first to design, invent and innovate products.
a) What happens toward the end of these new products international life cycles?
b) what must happen to the economies of these countries?
c) What actually happens to these countries?

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