Write an essay focusing on an organization (related to the Criminal justice /criminology fields or dealing with issues of discrimination/social exclusion) that they are familiar with.

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Aim of the essay is to critical examine a policy within an organization the essay will focus on. ATTENTION: the essay must focus on a policy and NOT on the organization’s program.
the work should answer the following questions
What is the history/background/context of the policy?
What issues are dealt with by the policy?
What are the stated objectives of the policy?
Whom is the policy aimed at ?

Explain if and why the policy is in need of reform, amendment or replacement;

Detail how the policy could be changed or improved;

Evaluate the potential impact of such a change;

The report must have a ‘references’ section as the analysis must be supported by relevant academic literature (peer reviewed journals articles; academic books and policy documents);please use the Harvard style.
The first page of the work must have the Words Count.
An example to make you understand better the task: This essay will aim to examine a policy within the organisation the essay will be focusing on. This organisation is called the Redbridge Volunteer Police Cadets, and the policy they are using which will be discussed within this essay is the behaviour and discipline policy. ( THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE).

2000 words.

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