Write an essay that describes how you would apply operant conditioning to a specific case.

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Your Assignment must be written in essay format using 12-point font and double-spacing. APA format and at least three scholarly sources are required. It should be between 4–6 pages in length.
Select one of the following behaviors:
• Teaching a puppy to roll over
• Getting a teenager to clean his/her room
• Working with an autistic child to make eye contact with an adult

In your essay, be sure to do the following:
1. Briefly recap and describe the target behavior you wish to shape.
2. Break the behavior down into the manageable parts that you will shape (list each part).
3. Describe the process that you will use to shape the behaviors.
4. Evaluate the different types of reinforcement that could be used to shape behaviors. Describe at least two factors that you need to consider when selecting a reinforcer.
5. Discuss how you will balance reinforcement with extinction while shaping behavior. Describe some of the potential consequences that can arise if you use: a) too much reinforcement; or b) too much extinction.
6. In 2–4 paragraphs, discuss the relevance of operant conditioning to your own personal career goals.

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