Written Assignment 1:The History of Asssement in the United States from 1900 -2010

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History of Assessment/Testing in the United States from 1900 – 2010

The history of assessment and/or testing is aCouncil for Accreditation of Counselingand Related Educational Program (CACREP) Standard, see Course syllabus, (2007, #1, p.3).It is also addressed in your textbook “Historical Perspectives on pages 10 & 11.Your assignment is to research and write a two page paper on the “History of Assessment and testing from 1900 – 2010.“Do not use any content from the textbook , nor use the textbook as a reference.


Page one :Writea scholarly summary overview one page paper onthe history

Of assessment and/or testing in the United States from 1900 – 2010

2.Page twoA timeline of dates, significant events and and/or the importance

of these dates and events in the history of testing and assessment

in the United States from 1900 – 2010.The timeline on page 2

should consist ofa minimum of 10 important events.These

events should be incorporated in your scholarly paper written on

page one

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